Diamond Face Shape

They are the rarest face shape. They have full cheeks, a narrow forehead and jawline. Frame Recommendation: Rimless or oval frame with a strong brow line.

Heart Face Shape

Are widest at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones. The goal is to accentuate the top of the face and add balance to the width of your face. Frame Recommendation: Wear round or oval-shaped frames.

Round Face Shape

A long-rounded face with higher and slightly wider cheekbones that are narrower toward the forehead as well as a narrow chin.
Frame Recommendation: Square, rectangular, aviators and cat eye frames.

Date Night or Date Night with Friends

It is said that smell is one of the strongest senses in humans. A scent can evoke a memory of you. Think of a time in public wear you smelled the scent of an ex, it must have jogged a memory or two.

Everyday Wear

When you are doing your daily errands and want a fragrance to wear.  These sorts of fragrances are like the versatile category though they lack the ability to cross over into being used for formal events.


Going into the office from 9-5 can be quite a long time. Additionally, you may come into close contact with a lot of different people. Hence, for this setting you want a non-offensive perfume with low to moderate sillage- this means that the smell does not follow you everywhere. 

Jewellry: Daily Night