When you think of going to a party you are typically going to a place with lots of music, people, and dancing. As such you want to wear something that is a bit loud or has moderate and above sillage.

Why is this the case?

On a night out the aim is to have fun but also to be noticed. In a packed room with lots of people, you want to smell good the entirety of the night.

For women good perfumes would Lancôme La Nuit Tresor. The notes for this fragrance are caramel, litchi, and patchouli. It is sweet fruity patchouli. Alternatively, Carolina Herrera Good Girl. The notes are Jasmine, Cacao, and Tuberose. For women who are ultra-confident you can try Tom Ford Black Orchid EDT, it is floral, sweet, and a bit manly.

A good perfume for men would be Versace Eros as it smells of apple, mint, and vanilla making it distinct. Again, if you are going for the bad boy vibe try something that contains liquor, think of notes such as rum, whisky, or even leather. Good examples are Thierry Mugler Pure Malt or Jean Paul Gautier Ultra Male.