Collection: VERSATILE

These are perfumes that can be worn on any occasion whether it is going to a wedding, hanging out casually, or going into the office. You can also call this category signature scents.

In the male fragrance community, they are known as blue fragrances as the bottles are usually that color. The ingredient they use in these fragrances is synthetic ambroxin in the base note. This gives a fresh out-the-shower feeling as well as longevity. 

These fragrances are usually the ones that are well-known. For men, this would mean more woody notes. A perfect example would be Chanel Bleu De Chanel. It is a woody aromatic fragrance.

For women, a versatile perfume would be one that does not annoy. Like the men’s fragrance, you should choose something that gives the fresh out of the shower and is feminine. A fragrance that fits this description would be floral, soapy, or powdery. Notes that it would contain are Jasmine and Orange blossom.

A perfect example of this would be Christian Dior Pure Poisson or Chanel Coco Noir.