About Us

Specs and Beauty is a curated online repository for sunglasses, perfumes, watches, and jewellery. The aim of the business is not to sell everything to everyone but rather give you products that suite you. In doing so, we believe that this will lead to you having the best experiences.

Our goal as a company is to have you live a better life. This means providing you with curated experiences and products to improve your life internally and externally.

One of the reasons our owner founded the company was the experience he had at age 15 when buying glasses. Not knowing what suited him, he bought glasses and hated wearing them. He would always want to take them off. This is despite the 21st century zeitgeist being glasses make you look sexier.  Finally, when he got glasses that were aligned to his face, he received many compliments and enjoyed wearing them. This led to him having improved confidence and as a result a better life.

As such we designed the website for you so that you don’t need to go through that too. Every item is categorised by specific event to attend or by what type of person the product will suite.

As a luxury business we understand that you are entrusting us to find the best quality products for you. Furthermore, to get the products to you and your loved ones in a prompt and fantastic condition. As such our return policy is simple if we do not meet your expectations, we have a 30 day return policy whereby you are expected to return the products in the best condition.

Our offices are in Pretoria South Africa. For more about us individually you can check out our LinkedIn business profile as well as that of the team. Don’t be shy to connect with us as well as tag @specsandbeauty ion all social platforms when you find your desired product and to give us feedback on how the items or experiences you bought impacted your life.

There is nothing, we as a business will not strive to do for you as a consumer. As such if you have any special requests, please contact us on jason@specsandbeauty.com. Or, if it is a big emergency whatsapp us on +27829039284.